Promo for Unholy Wings Album Release

by Wings of Dahak



Promotional track released to support the forthcoming album, 'Unholy Wings', available September 29th, 2017 on label Via Nocturna. Pre-order here:


released August 2, 2017

Dave Tillery - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Cody Daniels - Lead Guitar
Matt Thompson - Drums

Produced by Irving Lopez at Imperial Mind Engineering
Music and Lyrics by Dave Tillery



all rights reserved


Wings of Dahak Dallas, Texas

Azhi Dahaka is a powerful Druj created by the spirit of destruction, a three headed dragon which brought ruin to earth. Dahak, whose wings blot out the sky, took over the earthly throne and he brought misery, hunger, thirst, old age and death, mourning and lamentation, excessive heat and cold, and intermingling of demons and men. The music here is created with this spirit in heart and mind. ... more

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Track Name: Inhaling the Spirit of Destruction
Driving fear
Pushing the scent of decay
Of the human race
Culminates in this day
A foundational rift
Spawn of this malignant growth
Ascent from the core
The Destructive Breath comes forth

Humans spew hatred, year after year
Devising new ways to murder to cheers
Humans preach hatred, gnawing at the restraints
That binds the Great Evil, the One that is now awake

The time is near
For the cleansing of the earth
It's breath released
Foreshadowing of the storm
Winds of the Earth
Carry this Destructive Force
The Beast unleashed
To traverse this destined course

Constructing a system designed for mass death
To summon their Master and absorb His sick scent
Breed in pure hatred and contempt for fellow man

Dissolving the chains that has bound this Great Evil
The prophetic scripture concealed from the world
Exhaling pure poison, corrupting all man

Generations of hatred bred from within
Distracting the sheeple from their true intent
Blind on this course that destroys all of man

Dissolved all the chains that had bound this Great Evil
The prophetic scripture concealed from the world
Inhaling pure poison, corruption of man

Burning and rotting, corpses accumulate
Fueling the darkness, the Beast is fully awake
Exhaled all temptation, destroying the feeble man
Who inhaled this sweet scent, and brought us to the end

The time is near for the cleansing of the earth
It's breath released foreshadowing of the storm
Winds of the Earth carry this Destructive Force
The Beast unleashed, to traverse this destined course